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Gillians day, A competion held between EAWN members, What a great day, everybody enjoyed their day and thanks must go to Geoff & Diane for being our judges for the day


Gillian's Day results


1st Troy

2nd Orla, Lucie & Fizz

3rd Penta, Jetzen, Holly, Caira & Bronwyn



1st Penta, Orla, Lucie & Jetzen

2nd Tia & Sadie

3rd Troy


Karatarn Shield - Carting & Obedience - Lucie & Orla



1st Lucie

2nd Troy

3rd Caira



1st Lucie

2nd Troy

3rd Caira


Eawn welcomes new member Arfur


WEEKEND OF THE 28/29th JULY 2012


Earlier in the year the Club made one of their rash decisions!  Governed by the tide at Wells and the date provided by the Carnival committee at Sheringham we would undertake a water display on the Saturday in aid of the RNLI and land and water displays on the Sunday at Sheringham.

Our first visit to Wells was in 1995 and we have only missed one year since then when the tide times were not convenient.  (Anyone who has seen us there will realise that we can only put the dogs in the water at high tide).

Following a raft race, organised by the Wells Carnival committee, the dogs performed a series of rescue techniques, involving the special ‘Troy splash’, normal rescues, taking life rings out, hand rescues, boat pulls and boat jumps, ‘hidden’ rescues and the finale of two dogs towing all members back to shore.  We also had two ladies from The Grove Veterinary Practice in Fakenham who had been sponsored to be rescued.  Thank you Fiona and Kate – reliable Barney and young Lucie pulling them back to land.

The dogs taking part were Troy, Inca, Miga, Harper, Maddison, Barney, Tia, Bronwyn, Dexter, Holly, Lucie, Caira, Orla and Noosa.

After a fish and chip supper it was back home, blow the dogs, unpack (and pack again for Sunday!).

This year it was land display in the morning (so much better for people to have dry dogs to pat!) and we were soon into the swing of things, until one of the dogs decided to do a ‘break dance’ in the middle of the arena.  Lynda’s comment over the mike, ‘never work with animals or children’ is so true!!  After the first run through, children were invited in and part of the display was undertaken once more.  Quite difficult in such a small area, but it worked very well.  This year they were each given a photograph of the dog they had ‘handled’.

The water display was scheduled for the afternoon and started on time, but clouds were rolling in and instead of the lovely sunny afternoon we had in Wells the heavens opened and we had only completed the first two/three exercises!  Well in true tradition of the bulldog breed (or should we say Newfoundland), we carried on.  It thundered, there was lightening and hail stones, Lynda giving the commentary on the promenade was standing in two inches of water and soaked to the skin.  The dogs tethered just in front of the beach wall found they were sitting under waterfalls of water coming through the holes in the wall higher up.    Most of the very large crowd disappeared, but there were some hardy souls out there who stayed to the end – thank you to them.

A very interesting, but tiring weekend.  The comment made at the end of the Attleborough report must surely apply,   ‘the things we do for our dogs!!’.




Following an invitation to attend the Carnival this year, we all left home at various times to arrive at the venue by 10 a.m.  It would be nice to say that we arrived on a nice sunny day,  however we had the usual type of weather – rain!!   Having had several gazebos ‘blown away’ over the years the Club had invested in a heavy duty one, the only problem being that it takes time and people to erect it – all done in the pouring rain  by the male members at Attleborough.   Not only did it rain it was also quite cold and most members had several layers of clothing on.

 We had agreed to walk in the procession, albeit only part of the way,  and we made our way to the town square and waited for the main parade.   A few of the dogs were pulling decorated carts,  the remainder walking alongside.  It was quite a pleasant ramble back to the carnival field, the dogs being much admired as usual.

We hastily set up our tombola and photograph board of the dogs and then the heavens opened up again!    A group of youngsters, of varying ages,  gave a judo display.   We thought they were very good, but felt so sorry for them in bare feet and being ‘thrown’ down on to the wet grass.

We were next into the ring with the dogs,  all going well until one of the dogs decided it did not want to take part and another took a liking to someone else’s gravy bones!  One gentleman who had turned out to watch with his own Newfoundland told the crowd ‘if they do not want to do it they will not!!’ At the end of the demo children were then invited into the arena to join in a series of moves as instructed by one of our members and given a rosette each as a memento.   Did I say it had stopped raining whilst we were in the ring?

After so much work by the Carnival Committee it was such a shame that such few people turned out.   What a day – we all arrived home very wet,  everything, including the gazebo, having to be dried out.  

The things we do for our dogs!!!!!!!!!!!