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Elveden 2014

A big thankyou to all E.A.W.N. members and friends and congratulations on raising a magnificent £4880 for our chosen charities at Elevden estate. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




We wish Pete Stableford all the best for the future as our new president of East Anglian Working Newfoundlands



THANK YOU Greg Roffe for the last 4 years as President of East Anglian Working Newfoundlands. You did a brilliant job. Enjoy your retirement. I am sure that the new President will be asking for your input on several occasions, so don't have too many week ends away.

— feeling drained with Emma Chilvers and 5 others in Garboldisham, Norfolk, United Kingdom.















Working your Newfoundland Dog is fun for both dog and owner. It also helps build a bond of trust and love between you and the dog. The focus at East Anglian Working Newfoundlands is firmly on enjoyment.


What equipment will I need?

You will need a lifejacket and wet/dry suit as well as suitable footwear. You will need to swim with your dog, so make sure the equipment does not restrict your ability to swim. A pair of wetsuit gloves is also recommended for those cold days at the start and end of the season. Within the group we do have some equipment you can borrow


When starting, a harness is required. A lot of owners use Horse head collars made from nylon tape with brass buckles as a harness. The head collars make ideal harnesses for Newfies


A Stake and rope lead to tether your dog is also useful as well as a water  bowl and water carrier to make dog stay more comfortable.


What is expected of me?

Firstly we hope you enjoy yourself while training your dog and help other owners and dogs

You will quickly see that help and assistance is needed to train Newfoundland’s at all levels. As you become involved with the club you will be volunteered for all sorts of activities, from being a stranger to be rescued, to acting as a handler for another dog owner. You will find that joining in helps you understand how to train your Newfoundland

How water tests are run, the time spent in the water is entirely up to you, It will also give you a chance to ask questions and improve your knowledge.


Setting up and putting away training equipment is time consuming, please help.

If you are unsure that swimming with your Newfoundland is for you, you and your Newfoundland are most welcome to visit.


Cromer 2013


It was good to be back at Cromer this year, Cromer carnival always makes us welcome, the crowd always love seeing the dogs

Sunday water display, well done to all eawn dogs for doing what they do best, the crowd of around 2000 clapped and cheered ever excercise

Tuesday was family day and all eawn dogs and humans did two land displays during the day and invited children in the arena to take part and work with the dogs

Wednesday evening, Parade night, i have never seen so many people along the side of the roads, I was driving and the biggest problem i had was missing people with the trailer in tow due to the amount of people wanting to stroke, cuddle the dogs

Thursday night, after all the excercise of the week and a game of golf thursday morning, i decided that me, Julie and Harper would attend the illumanated parade and march behind a band with his cart and himself all illuminated with lights and glow sticks, at want time leading the crowd onto the carnival field before a spectacular firework display

Thank you to all eawn members for a pleasurable week although very tiring


Greg Eawn President





















































Rosemary Young one of our founder members accepts our invitation to become an honoury member






                        Eawn on Anglia Tv click link below




Also see Elveden page 2012 for latest report and photos






Back in 1989 a small group of people got together to organise the first Mepal weekend.

It was probable that none of them envisaged that in 2013 the event would still be running!  

Who can forget the 20th anniversary of Mepal  and the night display?  The brain child of our then President,   amongst other exercises, the arrival of the new intake of puppies (new beginnings) and remembering the dogs we had lost over the years,  now numbering around 40 who have died ‘in service’, (absent paws).

Much laughter, but many tears that evening.  

It was also in 1989 that EAWN was formed with the intent to promote the working characteristics and safeguard the welfare of the Newfoundland dog.  

Over the years a succession of people,  and  their dogs,  have worked towards this aim,  Rosemary Young being the only remaining founder member with the group.

So, what have we been doing over the last year?   Well,  water work still has top priority for members and dogs and we meet every Sunday from April through to the end of October.  

At the beginning of each year we meet once a month in different places.  

In January last year we had a walk on Wells Beach, followed by a tour of the Lifeboat.

In February the weather was so bad only four hardy people turned out and in March we ventured into Lincolnshire for an extremely wet and windy walk.  After our walks we visit a local hostelry for ‘light’ refreshments.

Mepal weekend had to have a change of date and venue due to circumstances beyond our control.  The best camp site ever and bookings for this year came in very quickly. Another good weekend, with fancy dress the option for the Saturday evening get together.   I doubt if anyone will ever forget the ‘naked chef’!   Friends from Terre-Neuve-Sportif, who have supported the club for so many years, drove over from France to help as usual.    

For the first time we had received an invitation from Attleborough to attend their Carnival on June 3rd, walk in the procession and give a land display.

We travelled and arrived in pouring rain, but were very lucky to have a short break in the weather whilst in the ring!

Over the years we have provided many water and land demonstrations and it was in 1995 that we first went to Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk to put on a display for the RNLI.  

We have only missed one year since then  when the tides where not convenient.  We returned in July, a  lovely sunny day and such a good venue for us where the dogs are across the water from the crowd.  Two young ladies from the local veterinary practice got themselves sponsored and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  

The very next day we were off again this time to attend the Sheringham  Carnival and supply  land and water  demonstrations.

A good crowd watched us perform a land display in beautiful sunshine, and  after the display children were invited to come in and join us.  We were not so lucky in the afternoon as just a few exercises into the display the heavens opened.  Rain, thunder, lightning and hail stones came down.

In true hardy spirit everyone continued ,  but the large crowd of several  hundred dwindled to just 50 or so who had managed to find some shelter. Our Secretary,  doing the commentary that day,  was standing in two inches of water on the promenade, whilst the dogs were sitting under waterfalls coming out of the high walls.

It was thought if that sort of weather continued the dogs would not be the only ones with webbed feet!

Into  August and the Cromer Carnival – one of the largest held in the Country.   We put on a water display on the Sunday, with  two ladies getting themselves sponsored for Charity,  attended  all day for the family day on the Tuesday, with two land displays in the arena, and walked  in the procession on the Wednesday evening.  A very busy week  – with some people taking this week as their annual break.    The Red Arrows also put in an appearance, but unfortunately our displays can never equal theirs!

At the end of the month we were at Hemsby, Norfolk for another water display in aid of the Herring Festival.  

We have also been going to Hemsby for their lifeboat day for many years, but unfortunately the date coincided with Cromer.    

In October we held ‘Gillian’s Day’,   the only competition we take part in during the year.  In 1997 Gillian Hardcastle died with cancer and an event takes place annually in her memory.  It has three sections, obedience/control, carting and compulsory water work, with a free style water session in the afternoon.  

A week later we held our ‘Fun Day’.  

This can be anything as long as the dogs are involved.  Over the years we have landed on a foreign ‘planet’, had an egg race, played doctors and nurses and one year an obstacle race involving the carrying of a doughnut around a course.  Unfortunately, the doughnuts left to be judged later in the day got eaten by one of the dogs!

Towards the end of October we cleaned up the boats and all our equipment ready to be stored for the winter and the following weekend held our Annual General Meeting.    

We had a bit of rest during November and then it was back to the Elveden Estates for our annual tree pulling, the first three weekends in December.  Money collected would be shared between the East Anglian Air Ambulance and the Hemsby Lifeboat.   (Pleased to say we took £4,500, which has taken our total since we started at Elveden in 2001 to over £40,000, all of which has been handed to various Charities).

At the end of the year we always arrange to go out for the evening (a dog free zone) and we returned to Elveden on the evening of the 21st December to dine and dance the evening away.

During the year two members, with canine companion, have spoken to a Beavers Club about what the Club does (quite an experience) and also given a talk and film show to a group of National Trust Members.

So, that is another  year gone – how does anyone find the time to go to work?    2013 – already bookings and commitments made, our Club President has, I believe, already booked for and packed the dog food for a visit to Switzerland in May for the Newfoundland Dog International.  In 2012 he travelled to Italy to take part and the year before to Germany.  

Representatives from the Club attended  their  first  International  in France back in 1994, travelled  again in 1998 and 2002 but  then in 2006 and 2010 took dogs, the first Club from the UK to do so.

The things we do for our dogs!