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Every year for the past 10 years, East Anglian Working Newfoundlands have been working at Elveden estates carting christmas trees, Elveden customers have been very generous with their donations and love the dogs taking the trees back to their vehicle for a donation for our nominated charities

Over the years we have raised over £32,000 for various charities.









Carting Christmas Trees at Elveden 2011 - by Holly

Well, it started in August when i was on Holiday with Troy-Boy......

I was fitted into a new harness it was a bit big for me, it was for 'Carting Practice'!!!! Whats that i thought????

Turns out i was in training to pull a little cart..... i wasn't too impressed to start off with, but with patience & lots of treats i soon got the hang of it!!!

To cut a long story short, it was so i could cart Christmas Trees at Elveden over 3 weekends in December, customers buy a tree & we have to pull the tree to their cars & they give us a donation for 3 charities!!! I had so many photo's taken & cuddles, I had a lovely time. Me & my friend Lucie carted over 200 trees each, WOW!!!!

We are now members of the '200 Club'!!! We are the only two members!!

I did hear EAWN raised £4832.26....

I just want to thank EAWN members 4 & 2 legged for making me soooo welcome this year!!!

And i can't wait to start swimming in April 2012 - I may even do a boat jump or 2 or 3..... Yipee!!!!








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