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My first year as an EAWN member.


Well what a year!! Firstly we can't thank all the members enough for their endless advice, help and words of wisdom.


It started in April when we introduced our puppy Skyla to the lake and started her rescue training. We have always loved swimming, so to have a dog who also loves it is fantastic.

We kitted ourselves out with wetsuits, gloves, boots etc. The water was cold at the start of the year, but if you kept on the move it was ok!


We trained every Sunday, learning lots along the way. The knowledge of the more experienced members is amazing, and we still have lots to learn!


We started the water demonstrations in June, probably the hottest day of the year. This was amazing and we took part in the puppy splash, along with Skyla's sisters Simba and Crumble, and brother Sharpe. Our first demo, and we loved it.


We also took part in many other sea demos, and also land demonstrations, including Cromer carnival procession, which included lots of cuddles along the carnival route.


Skyla enjoyed all of the activities, as have we.


We are currently looking forward to appearing at Elevden Estate for the annual Christmas tree carting.


Looking forward to many more years as an EAWN member. This has been a fantastic year for us and our beloved Newfie Skyla.


Tony and Julie Payton





Sheringham Carnival July 2017 - Charlie’s first water display…

He may only be four months old, but Charlie the puppy newf was up for a challenge at Sheringham Carnival last Sunday.  After 3 weeks of EAWN training he was ready for his first sea display, even though he had no idea what the sea was.  Up at 5.30 in the morning ready for breakfast, Charlie was raring to go - his lunch and harness were packed and he had been brushed to look his best.

Arriving at Sheringham, he was joined by the rest of the EAWN boys and girls.  His first job was to support the eight dogs and handlers in the Land Display by looking cute and being prepared to have loads of cuddles - this he managed to do without any problem.  The Display went really well with the dogs knowing exactly what to do and the handlers doing their best.  Socialisation done for the day, it was back to the car park for lunch and an hour’s sleep before donning his harness and heading for the beach.  Luckily it wasn’t too far, although he had to navigate his way around the crowd that was gathering to watch.  

First up in the display, with the other four puppies, was Charlie - this was his big moment and he didn’t disappoint.  After a hesitant start and loads of encouragement from Auntie Kim, he was in, paddling towards his mum and the toy she was tempting him with.  The crowd seemed pleased as they clapped and shouted - Charlie was now officially a water display dog and very pleased with himself as he managed to bravely ride the waves and complete an encore with a second swim soon after.  

The rest of the demo was a big hit with the crowd and there was lots of clapping and cheering.  The more experienced dogs showed off their skills with straight rescues, life ring and ‘hidden’ rescues, boat pulls, and jumps as well as the ‘splash’ that no-one willing volunteers for, and the multi rescue, which concluded the display.  

Charlie and his new friends had a great day out and he now knows just how much fun it is to be part of EAWN.  Back home, after a long day and a well-deserved dinner, Charlie fell asleep dreaming of the next weekend when he can do it all over again.




Wells Next To Sea

Our first water display of the year found us at Wells next the Sea on the hottest day of the year so far.

Problems keeping the dogs cool were overcome with gazebos, sheets, cool coats and plenty of water.

The dogs were very happy once they were over on the island and could have a nice cooling dip in the Sea.

The display began with our newest 4 legged members enjoying the puppy splash, Sharpe, Simba, Crumble and Skyla all did very well which bodes well for the future.

Next came the sponsored rescues, 5 drowners who work for GJL animal feeds were rescued by Caira, Hope, Bella, Bonnie and Kira and raised £500 for the Wells lifeboat.

Lucie and Harley followed up taking liferings out and bringing back their casualties safely to shore.

Hark and Stanley faced a long swim to rescue their drowners who had unfortunately fell out of the boats and were well hidden from the dogs. Then both the boats broke down and had to be towed back to shore by Kira and Harley.

The next exercise was the splash made famous by Troy and Miga and now it was Eddy's turn who did very well rescuing his casualty despite the amount of splashing he received.

Betty, in her first display, Coco, Hark and Raidon came next with spectacular boat jumps to their drowners.

The final exercise was the multi which saw Miga rescue 22 casualties and pull them all in against an outgoing tide, not bad for our 8 and half year old girl. Unfortunately Noosa, Cookie, Penta and Arfur were unable to appear for various reasons and were sadly missed but I'm sure they'll be fit for our next display.

All in all a great day and well done to all members old and new for a fabulous display.




Life with my dogs by Alison


Eddy is 3 and loves a chilled life. He is known for being steady Eddy in the club. No hurry about him. He loves tummy tickles and snuggling with his favourite teddy in the evenings. He is a great help in keeping his mischievous sister in check. He is very gentle with our grandchildren and often tries to 'save' our grandson from the zip line. Ha ha! He has won a few rosettes and cups at shows. He loves to trundle about with a cart and swim in lakes.

Bonnie has earned the name 'Bonnie bubbles' in the club. She is a lively teenager. She is enthusiastic about everything. Bonnie loves training she loves to swim and is not fussy whether it is dirty ditches or clean rivers! She loves to snuggle with us on the sofa in the evenings. She is very quick to learn and enjoys new activities. She often greets people as they pass by the garden gate and the community love her. She did escape at training a few times last year as she didn't want to miss out on anything!

Both dogs really enjoy beautiful country walks with me. They love the river wall, seaside, marshes and disused railway line. Eddy has been a fantastic role model for Bonnie and she is fantastic company for him they adore each other. As they say you can't just have one! They look forward to training with the pack. They get really excited when they hear and see the other dogs.



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