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Latest News 2018

My name is Harley... I started my journey from Ireland as Elliot... My new family said I should be called Harley - I think it’s the Black mark on my tongue, it looks like a tyre track...


When I first met my new Family I was I little frightened of Harkie!! (don’t tell her...!!) - Not seen a funny coloured Newfie before!!


I didn’t realise how much I’d rely on her... and she still looks after Me. My friend

That was nearly 4 years ago...


I’m proud to be an EAWN Newfie & take part in water displays usually ‘The Troy-Boy Splash’ - Apparently I’m distantly related to him! But it does play havoc with my spikes!! Haha...


I enjoy Carting Christmas Trees at Elveden. I have a beautiful wooden cart to tow. My Mummy sez - she wishes John Brown could see me pull it!!


At EAWN AGM 2017 I was voted dog with the Best Temperament - I just love cuddles & kisses... I’m a BIG Softie xx


Mummy & Me enjoy a Wednesday night out at training classes, we are in the top class (not sure how? Perhaps bribery??) I have achieved Gold Good Citizen (second attempt!) Obviously my Mummy helped Me...


We have both just become Pets As Therapy assistants. I’m waiting for my PAT Dog jacket, having one especially made to fit Me!!


2018 will be another year of fun & adventures with ALL my EAWN Newfie Friends...


P.S Love you loads Harkie!  Thank you for still looking out for Me XX


Love to my Mummy who I know completely idolises Me... XX


And to My Daddy who keeps Harkie & Me looking so neat & tidy XX


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