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Mepal 2012

Some of the comments we have recieved, Thank you to everyone from all at EAWN

If you have any photos you wish me to put on here let me have them


• Cheryl Payne

Home after the most amazing weekend away..........Thank you to all at EAWN and TNS...........bet you all need a well deserved rest - Great event and all your hard work is really appreciated x


• Jo Irving

Just back from a fantastic weekend at Mepal, caravan unloaded, 1st load of washing in, dogs snoring & even though it's very early I'm having a little glass of cold white wine in the sunshine!!

Massive thanks to everyone at EAWN for a brilliant weekend (as always)..... we all LOVED the fab new venue & it was lovely seeing everyone again xxxx



Geoff Burns had a great day. what a great venue. thanks to eawn & tns for getting my two young girls to swim for the first time.


Cheryl Payne Greg - charge a premium for early booking - and I am happy to pay the premium so consider me booked! x


Jo Irving Book us in too!!! Can we have exactly the same pitch please, love love loved it! Big thanks to everyone in EAWN for all your hard work (& humour) and a special thank you too Greg for your help in the water, it's really appreciated


Kim Whitty I won't miss it next year either


Rebecca Mercer Book us in too! We thought venue was great and we all had a good time. Looking forward to getting in the water next year rather than just watching. A big thanks to EAWN and TNS for all their hard work. Xxxx


Dave Todd Lin here! great weekend, Enya jumped & Pete made me jump! not so bad! Ha Ha! Venue great, EAWN really great, TNS really great, as usual . Well done to all the workers. Sleep well tonight !


Maureen Lord thanks for a great weekend. LOVED the new venue. Unfortunately, fish & chip van left alot to be desired.


Lisa Phillimore I agree with all the comments - great weekend, lovely company, EAWN & TNS were fantastic and the venue was amazing - especially for those of us in a tent!!!

And you can book us in too for next year. We wouldn't miss it xxx


• Adie Phillimore

Thank you so much to Greg, Linda, and everyone at E.A.W.N for a fantastic weekend at Mepal. We all had a wonderful time with all our Newfie friends, we must meet up again soon xxx


• Rebecca Mercer

• Had an amazing weekend, got placed with both dogs on Friday, tanner been a star at Mepal. Maybel may never swim again but loves nosework! Diesel and Aoife have enjoyed Mepal so much as usual. Tarka, well she is tarka and I know if I swim she will! Thanks to all of Eawn for a fab weekend, and I apologise for Kev being a naked chief at the fancy dress! It was amazing for dogs and friends alike


• Cheryl Payne

Another fabulous day all three dogs worked well thank u to Greg Julie peter lynda Sylvia and all at eawn and tns fabulous weekend thank u so much x


 David Bone Yes what a fantastic weekend as usual and what a great new venue you found can we book now! I love to see our dogs been worked by EAWN and TNS we even got a compliment from Alain. A special thanks to Pete, Emma and Glen you always seem to bring the best out in our boys. Great company from all our Newfie friends oh and sorry about the singing normal service will be resumed next year Yvonne promises.


Jo McKay Had a fantastic time - sorry no photos - but can't wait to come back next year! New site was superb - have 3 tired dogs and a sleepy me too!


• Keith Leybourne Really missed you all !!

First time we have missed a mepal for ten years , glad it all went really well and rest assured we will be back next year !!! Love to all k& g


• Janet Irving

Wow, what a great weekend at Baston Fen with EAWN, TNS and everyone who made it so fabulous. From the Friday afternoon trying to put up an awning in a gale ( thanks Dave and Yvonne as always x) to taking it down again this morning in sunshine, what a fab time we had both in the water and out. Nothing is too much trouble for these lovely people so thanks very much and definately book us in for next year. Love to all.xx


Kay Burridge posted on your Wall

"Please thank all at EAWN for a fab weekend - looking forward to doing it all again next year! - well except the van 'playing up' on the way home!!!"