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MEPAL 2013 the good bad and ugly

THANK YOU, to all members of eawn for working so hard,

The visitors for putting up with us and for participating in this event, we would like to see you all again in 2014, for our 25th Mepal weekend, (if we can manage another one)

it was an excellent weekend and a good time had by all,

Thank you to TNS for there continued support


Thank you and i hope you all had a safe journey home


Greg Roffe



Michael Coupe

Thank you so very much to all at eawn...Greg Roffe, Lynda Stableford Greg TNS and all that made this possible....such a fantastic time, it was fabulous. sorry we could not stay to the end your display was awesome thanks also for shareing that with us we now have to wait another year before we can be back Bentlley, Hubert and Brogan had a great time


Michael Coupe Just to say that as usual i learn new things every time we come here TNS have a way of getting the dogs to do anything thanks


Cheryl Payne

Thank you so very very much to all of eawn...Greg Greg Roffe, Lynda Stableford et al.....such an amazing time, and as always you all make it fabulous....sorry I couldn't stay until the end but thank you so very much.....Tilly and I are so happy xxx


Geoff Burns thanks to everyone at EAWN for a wonderful Sunday. an extra thanks to Pete for getting holly to swim & do her first resque. at least i will have two dogs who enjoy swimming & working.


Janet Irving thank you Greg and all EAWN.. looking forward to next year already!


Adie Phillimore Thank you so much to EAWN and TNS for all there advice and training this weekend, we had a fab time.

It was lovely to see everyone again and can't wait to catch up with you all soon, Dexter is snoring away but sends big licks to you all xx

Thanks again, love the Phillies xx


Jane Carr Thank you to you all at EAWN.. had a brill weekend and thank you for the lovely weather!


Cheryl Payne The thanks goes to you all. To TNS for their patience humour and sharing their fabulous knowledge. To all of you in EAWN, for your help support hard work and friendship .....I hope you all get a good rest and relax.....fabulous event....very grateful to you all ...Tilly says she had an amazing time, and can't wait to celebrate your 25th anniversary next year....xxxx


Rob Lewis Thanks guys for a great long weekend, looking forward to next year, with or without the Karaoke lol


Jo McKay Thanks to all at EAWN for another fabulous event. Personally it was my best ever - after 8 years Alain finally acknowledged my dog as being a good swimmer - just because she is 11 1/2 and did saves and take outs.... ye ha!!!


Jp Hut Excuse me ,my angish speak is bad And the written...thank for you for thé very good week,..you ave thé very good dog...see you next year...


David Bone Thanks Greg as usual it was a fantastic weekend, a huge thanks to eawn for all your hard work and to TNS for sharing their expertise and all our Newfie friends for making it so enjoyable for me and bubbles de'vere hey baby !


Kim Ormond thanks EAWN and TNS. We had a brilliant weekend, can't wait til next year!!!


Christian Corbi Thank you for this very sunny good week-end. I hope to see you to Rolles in next May for Internationale and in 2014 to Torcy for internationale too. Kisses to you and big strokes to your dogs.


   Janet Irving thanks for another fab weekend EAWN.. as always it was brill!