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 MEPAL 2011
















HUGE THANKS TO TNS - Alain, Christian, Stephane, Michel,Slyvia and Sophie


to ALL OUR VERY WELCOME MEPAL FRIENDS and all the comments Thank You


EAWN MEMBERS - working their socks off to make this event possible

Some off the comments we recieved


Jo wrote

"Thanks Greg, Julie & ALL at EAWN for the fantastic Mepal weekend! Thanks for taking the time with me & Lili in the water..... and thanks for not drowning me!!!!!"





    No problem for come back to France. We was at Dover at   2 heures and we a boat at 3 heures 20.

    We was at Chelles at 10 heures.

    It was a wonderful week-end, friendy week-end, Michel and Sylvie are impresse by your welcome.


    Thank you very much and godd luck for EAWN


    Bests regards





Dave Todd

We would like to thank EAWN for a magnificent weekend at Mepal 2011,special thanks to Greg for all his hard work to make it all happen with Julie as his right hand woman! Linda the wine is still waiting I had to bring a case back.I know I can say that all at Phoenix Working Newfoundlands cant wait for next year and everyone is welcome to join us at Waxham in August. Thank you again EAWN








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